Marco Fabiano " Chic Stiletto "

Schöner Druck in Ölbildanmutung. Stylisch' :-) BxH = 29x39cm. Auf Holzrahmen mit Jute/Sackleinen  bezogen. Großserienproduktion, aber hübsch anzuschauen. Neuwertig. Kostet momentan 60US$ + Porto + Zoll aus den USA.


Marco Fabiano

  • Biography

Marco Fabiano describes his work as, "making every day objects into things of beauty." His love for experimenting with art and design leads him to continually create new works that add complexity to simple things. "For me, a simple object holds the potential to be something amazing. You just have to look at it in a new way."

Trained at a well-known art school, Marco studied fine art and ceramics. Engaged by the mystery and significance of the Renaissance and Romanesque periods, he finds himself mesmerized by classic cultures. "Historic cultures mesmerize me. They are our past and a gateway from where we have come."

Marco's other love is his family. He now lives on the West Coast with his wife and children.

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