Hario FIB-75 / olive / Cold Brew Tea Bottle 750ml / Eistee / Made in Japan

Für einfache Zubereitung von Eistee. Absolut neuwertiger Zustand. Ein Qualitätsprodukt des traditionsreichen Herstellers Hario aus Japan, gegründet 1921. Inklusive Manual als Kopie. Listenpreis: EUR 32.

Making iced tea is super easy with HARIO's Cold Brew Tea Bottles!

Enjoy your tea like a fine wine with this design inspired by wine bottles. Switch to a healthy and delicious cold infusion along with your meal.

The filter is attached to the spout, so you can pour directly without any hassle. The bottle is easy to clean thanks to its removable parts.

SIZE: W87 × D84 × H300mm
CAPACITY: Practical capacity 750ml
WEIGHT (Incl. box): Approx. 500g
   Glass Bottle: Heatproof glass
   Removable Bottle Spout, Stopper: Silicone rubber
   Filter: Polypropylene




Über Hario:

HARIO ( 玻璃王 ) is Japanese for "king of glass". HARIO lives
up to this name through its continued tradition of innovative,
beautiful and high-quality heatproof glass.
Safe and Eco-friendly Heatproof Glass
HARIO glass is made with 100% natural minerals and is safe
for your health and the environment. We add 100% natural
salt to prevent bubbles from forming within the glass, making
our products stronger and safer to use. Our glass is corrosion
resistant as well as heatproof, for fully microwave-safe


Since 1921
HARIO began its history as a manufacturer of laboratory
glassware. In 19 4 8, we expanded our produc tion to
household items, starting with the coffee syphon. We also
began producing lenses for automotive headlights in 1980.
Today, HARIO continues to make a variety of items, from
microwave-safe kitchenware and coffee and tea implements,
to aromatherapy and pet products.


A factory without chimneys
In 1972, HARIO transitioned to all electric melting furnaces
in its factory. This glassmaking technology was pioneered by
HARIO through much uncertainty, trial and error. At the time,
glass factories were known for smoke and dust pollution,
but HARIO's breakthrough led to safer conditions for the
surrounding environment as well as for the workers i



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