Christer Bording Luffarshack / Diabas ca.16x16cm / in Holzkiste

Christer Bording: Luffarshack aus Diabas Gestein gearbeitet. Ca.16x16cm, noch neu in Holzkiste. Spielbrett mit 2x3 Steinen. Listenpreis: SEK 1.050:- (103€) zzgl. Versand.

Das Material:

Black granite - Diabase

Black granite isn't really granite according to geological classifications. The rock consists mainly of Plagiocal and Pyroxen and the scientific name is Diabase.

Like Syenite and granite it's been formed by magma from the innards of the Earth, but it hasn't stiffened in large magma chambers, but in narrow  channels on it's way towards the surface. The cooling has been quick, which means that Diabase has smaller mineral grains than Granite and Syenite.

The black color comes from the mineral grains of plagioclas contain lots of very small grains of iron mineral. Diabase isn't a rare rock, but it is rarely as black as it is in Göinge. A similar rock is Basalt, that can be found in many places, for example in India, but is more grayish.

The different Diabase finds in north eastern Skåne have been radiometrically dated, and some are 1200 million years old, others are 900 million years old. 

Since Granite, Synenite and Diabase are rocks that have formed in times of turmoil in the Earth's core, one wonders what happened at this time, a billions years ago. A fascinating interpretation is that the rocks have formed in conjuntion with tectonic plate processes, an incipient continental drift that soon stopped and turned into collision.

Diabase contains roughly:

  • Pyroxene 25-30%
  • Amfibole 10%
  • Biotite 5%
  • Apatite 2%
  • Plagioclas 45-50%
  • Iron-titan 5-10%



Der Künstler:

Christer Bording was born in 1948, and is totally autodidact - which means that he's learned everything about the craft by himself.

His career in the stone industry started in the late 1970s. The work awoke a passion for the rocks, and most of all for the diabase. The possibilities and interest have steadily increased, and since years ago Christer is working full time in his own workshop where he creates artwork, furnishing and sculptures from diabase.

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Christer Bording Luffarshack / Diabas ca.16x16cm / in Holzkiste jetzt anfragen