Xiang Sheng 708 B Röhren Preamp / Headamp


Xiang Sheng 708 B Röhren Preamp/Kopfhörerverstärker, noch fast neu... OVP und Manual. 1x Input Cinch/1x Output Cinch. 1x Kopfhörerausgang. Zur Eingangserweiterung auf 5x Aux bietet sich diese Box hier an:


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Product Description:

* Brushed aluminum faceplate, with all metal buttons and knobs.
* Gold coated RCA connectors.
* R-shape high efficiency transformer, reducing the contact resistance.
* All resistors and capacitors are audiophile grade to ensure sound quality. Key parts are
   from Germany, Japan and Taiwan etc.
* Adopting all tube for rectifying, plus silver signal lines for internal circuit.
* This nice amplifier refer to famous Japan Wada Shigeho's Style improved Electric
   Circuit, having excellent performance.
* It is not only a pre-amplifier, but also a headphone amplifier.


Size: 180×80×270mm
Input Impedance: 100K
Pre-amp Output Impedance: 600 ohm
Headphone Amp Output Impedance: 32 ohm- 600 ohm( The engineer especially recommends this
amp for high Impedance)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 89dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz--30KHz
Distortion: less than 0.01%
Headpone Output Power: 500mW--250mW
Supply Votage: AC100V-AC240V available 60Hz/50Hz
Tubes: 6N3×1, 6N11×2, 6Z4×1
Net Weight: 2.5Kg
Gross weight: 3Kg

Notice: This is the third generation of Xiangsheng 708B, with a decorative window design, one analog input, one analog output, one headphone output , circuit is the same with
the fourth generation of Xianghsheng 708B (...the fourth generation of Xianghsheng 708B without decorative window design, but two analog inputs)

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