Velodyne SMS-1 / Subwoofermanagement & Raumeinmessung / OVP / Mikrofon / Bildschirm / Manual

Absolut neuwertiger Bass-Korrektureinheit: Velodyne SMS-1 für Subwoofermanagement & Raumeinmessung. OVP & Manual. Meß-Mikrofon, Bildschirm & Zubehör. Listenpreis: 798€

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***** Perfect Bass

"Simple if your sub doesn't have any sort of bass management you need this. The on screen display is decent being able to have presets on the remote is awesome. I am running this on some jl audio phantom 113 and they have a base managemet system in them but this one is so much better I use this. I highly recomend this."

***** 5stars: Great!

***** Allows visual evaluation of room equalization and adjustment of room equalization including main speakers and subwoofer(s)

***** A must for every Subwoofer!

The SMS system has improved bass response in my room to near perfection. The ability to see the bass response on your display lets you find the best location for your sub woofer quick and simple. The auto set up feature goes above and beyond the limitation of most receivers since they often only correct a couple of points in the lower bass frequencies.

Things get more interesting when you choose manual setup as it allows you to fine tune your bass response. This has been one of the best components I have added to my system and cant recommend it enough - It has literally transformed my music. Until receivers incorporate this type of bass correction the velodyne SMS is a must for anyone who wants the best bass possible out of their system.

***** Worth the money

I" was hesitant to purchase this unit because it is rather expensive, but at least Amazon's price reflected a nice discount so I decided to take the plunge. I am glad I did - this unit really did improve the response from my subwoofer and what I have now is noticeably cleaner and tighter bass.

What I like about the Velodyne: It is very easy to use, the build quality is excellent, and it is very flexible and versatile when it comes to making adjustments when tuning the bass for your room. An on-screen display and a continuous sweep tone shows you what the bass response is at the location where the microphone is placed. The SMS-1 has an 8-band parametric equalizer (meaning you can adjust the middle frequency of each of the 8 bands to really tailor the sound), continuous phase adjustment, a polarity switch, and easily adjustable controls. Audiophiles will know what I am talking about. If you aren't familiar with these terms, just know that this product is very powerful in its ability to achieve a flatter bass frequency response curve. As you fiddle around with the adjustments, you can see the results in real time on your television screen - what could be better feedback than that?

What I don't like about the Velodyne: I like everything about it! This is great! Well actually there is something that didn't seem to work right: the quick setup in which you let the unit set everything automatically. When I ran the auto quick setup, the bass tones were extremely loud and the room shook so much I was afraid it would damage the house! There are supposed to be 25 sweeps that enable the unit to configure itself. Mine ran 5 sweeps then stopped, and no auto configuring was done. I assume that this premature shut off happened because the bass was too loud and overloaded the microphone. Most likely if I had turned the volume knob down on the sub this would have cured the problem but since I really intended to use the manual adjustment (which is much better plus it is relatively easy), I didn't bother going any further with the auto configuration/setup. My sub volume was set between 9:00 and 10:00 and I didn't want to touch it. When doing the manual adjustment, I had no problems whatsoever.

All in all this is an excellent unit. No matter how good a subwoofer is, your room plays a significant role in the response. The Velodyne overcomes limitations imposed by your room and/or the sub itself and really improves the listening experience."




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