Unamco T 1 mit 11" Tonarm

Plattenspieler aus Schweden Mitte/Ende der 70er Jahre. Subchassis, 11" Tonarm. Riemenantrieb. 33/45U/Min. Auflegehaube rückseitig etwas abgebrochen, sonst sehr gut, siehe Bilder. Klanglich ist er in etwa zw. Thorens TD160 MKII und TD125 anzusiedeln... Passende Tonabnehmer da!



The Unamco T-1 was manufactured by Audio Stockholm in Sweden from 1973 to 1978, during which time approximately 10,000 units were produced.

It features simple but effective construction, with belt drive, a floating subchassis and a platter which has it's weight concentrated at the outer radius to reduce mass while still having great flywheel effect.

The other distinct feature is the 11" tonearm which minimises the tracking error.


Motor: 2 x 24-pole synchronous

Rumble: -65dB DIN

Wow and flutter: 0.05% DIN

Tonearm: 11" effective length

Dimensions: 400 x 540 x 135mm

Weight: 9kg

Voltage: 220V 50Hz (Europe)

Preis: 369

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