Thorens TD 535 / TP 90


Studioplattenspieler mit quartzgeregeltem Direktantrieb: Der damals doppelt so teure "Gegner" zum Technics SL-1210...diesem zwar in puncto Verarbeitung unterlegen, im Klang dafür doch deutlich besser... Entkoppelte Antriebs-/Tonarmeinheit. Tonarm letzte Version TP90 mit integriertem Lift in Base mit Linn Bohrung (?). Besseres Thorens Phonokabel. 33/45/78U/Min. Wohl ein Pabst Motor. Pitchbar. Gebrauchsspuren an Zarge und am Pitchregler. 100-240V. (Auch ohne Arm erhältlich). Ohne Zubehör.


The Thorens TD-535 professional turntable has been designed for discotheques, schools of the technical arts, and local radio stations. It employs direct drive to achieve rapid run-up times.

A special suspension isolates the turntable against mechanical disturbances and acoustical feedback.

The pitch control enables the speed to be varied by +-15%.

The nominal rotation speeds of 33.33, 45 and 78rpm are regulated to quartz accuracy.

Remote control may be added as an option for the start, stop and fader start functions.

Any pickup cartridge with standard 1/2" mounting holes may be installed in the removable cartridge shell of the built in TP90 tonearm.


Drive system: quartz controlled direct drive

Speeds: 33.33, 45 and 78rpm

Run up time: <0.7s at 33.33rpm

Pitch: +-15%

Platter: 2.5kg including inner platter and rubber mat

Wow and flutter: < 0.05%

Rumble: > 70dB

Tonearm: TP90

Headshell: TP95

Effective length: 228mm

Overhang: 18mm

Effective mass: 17g

Weight of pick-up: 1.5-9.5g

Tracking force: adjustable counterweight

Skating compensation: frictionless magnetic assembly

Preis: 1089

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