Technics SL-150 / DirectDrive mit SME Basis

Schönes Laufwerk mit Direktantrieb. 33/45U/Min., getrennt pitchbar! Guter Zustand, auch Haube. Original SME Basis. Andere Basen sind erhältlich in ebay z.Bsp.

User comment:

I have had the SL-150 MK1 (not quartz - no need as a very accurate motor speed on this model) for 3 weeks now,here in England - Nov 2017. It is a 1976 model, came with SME3009 2 improved detachable headshell, Shure M95 cart with working nude bi radial diamond stylus, (one down from the V15). No deck suspension. This combo was a carefully selected package at that time. A specifically designed Technics/SME aluminium armboard is fitted. Cleaned the stylus, balanced the arm and set the SME weights to 1.0 g tracking and listened. Whoa ...musicality in got me surfing pages about these components.The SME3009 was listed in Hi Fi World mag, in 1997 'World Fav's', list. But as we know in hi fi it is the sum of the components, the chemistry that we hear, the musicality that counts. I can't stop listening to my records through it, just love the sound. (for tweekers it sits on a bamboo wooden board on top of 4 half squash balls - yellow dot! Yes too bouncy for me, good recycling :)


The SL-150 has a motor construction peculiar to Technics in which the rotor of the motor is integrally connected to the turntable platter.

The features of the SL-150 include:

Adjustable pitch

Integral rotor-platter motor design and speed detection mechanism

All control functions effected by high density ICs

High torque, rapid start up, stable load characteristics


Type: manual player system

Drive method: direct drive

Motor: ultra low speed brushless DC motor

Control type: servo control

Platter: 330mm, 2.5kg, aluminium alloy diecast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: +/- 10%

Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS

Rumble: -70dB

Dimensions: 139 x 366 x 453mm

Weight: 7.8kg

Preis: 389

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