Tandberg TR-200 G / Garrard / Shure M75

Eine Kompaktanlage der besonderen Art. Das Herzstück ist der feine Receiver TR-200 von Tandberg aus Norwegen. Der Plattenspieler stammt aus England von Garrard: SP25 MKIII mit Reibradantrieb. 33/45/78U/Min., Automatik mit Endabschaltung. MM-Tonabnehmer ist ein Shure M75 MB Type2. Wunderschöne Holzseiten.5 Stationstasten. AFC Scharfeinstellung der Sender. Klangregler. Kopfhörerausgang, LS A&B. Phono MM (auch umschaltbar auf Keramiktonabnehmer), Tape und 1x Aux. Sehr guter Zustand, bis auf einen kleinen Riss in der Haube oben. Der Receiver alleine hatte schon einen Listenpreis von DM 1.000,-- Anfang der 70er Jahre.

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Technische Daten Receiver siehe Bilder und:

Tuning range: FM

Power output: 35 watts music per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 40kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 1%

Damping factor: 30

Input sensitivity: 2.3mV (MM), 70mV (ceramic), 250mV (DIN), 100mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 52dB (MM), 52dB (ceramic), 52dB (DIN), 52dB (line)

Channel separation: 43dB (line)

Output: 120mV (DIN)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω (minimum)

Dimensions: 430 x 87 x 243mm

Weight: 10,5kg

Maße: (BxTxH) ca 43 x 36 x 19 cm

Manual/Service Manual: sportsbil.com/tandberg/tr-200-sm.pdf

Servicemanual / Manual f. den Garrard:


Test 1971: http://www.sportsbil.com/tandberg/tr-200-rev.pdf

User Bewertungen:


The Tandberg TR-200 is the bargain of the vintage audio world. This cute little receiver packs more punch than you would believe. Wonderful sound as well, smooth, earfriendly, musical. Built to last. I can't recommend it enough. High WAF score as well.


I've owned my TR 200 since 1974 and except for a short time when I owned an Adcom system, it's been the heart of my sound system. Over the years I've had it serviced several times, mainly replacing bulbs. It's not a very powerful machine but we don't blast our music, mostly jazz, anyway and it - still - performs very nicely. Well made - solid - warm sound and it still looks beautiful after 40 odd years.




I'm giving it 5 stars because it was, and still is exceptional value for money. For a large quantity, mass produced turntable and arm, that combines good looks with reasonable quality it is hard to beat. Easy maintenance and reasonable quality parts explain why it has lasted so well. The Morris Minor of decks. A true workhorse!


This was my first stereo deck in 1970. Mounted it into a home made plinth and bought the best simple amp I could afford and a pair of speakers with separate woofers and tweeters built into home made cabinets. It was all the best I could afford at age 16, which by no means would be the best quality, however it produced a great sound for me at the time playing my Deep Purple and Who albums.

I recently (2015) dug it out of the loft where it has been stored in a cardboard box for over thirty five years and after a clean and lube and a new stylus it worked flawlessly. I doubt you could do that with any of the new hi tech stuff on the market today.
Sturdy and simple, built to last, even if it isn't the highest quality available. It did the job for me at age 16 and its still going strong now I am 59.



It gave me 10 years of pure listening enjoyment. Its performance was only beaten by Thorens 126 electronic, that I got in 1991, and have ever since.


This was a really popular deck here in Norway in the 60s and 70s. My father had a mk2 when I was growing up, and I had fond memories of blasting my rock LPs when I was home alone. When I was offered a mk3 for free I thought I might as well service it and see what they were really like. I took it appart and cleaned/lubricated everything. I allso changed the o-ring under the main platter bearing. I managed to find a old stock nude eliptical stylus for the Pickering v15 t2 cartridge, and I used the heavier cast platter from a mk2 I picked up for free from someone cleaning out an estate that I wanted for the dustcover. I was really surprised when I tried it on my main setup. while technickly not on the level of my Rega it really sounds great! So much push and excitement. The dynamics are great! the bass is deep and full with nothing of the rumble idle drive decks are supposed to have. The top end is really nice without being to sharp. My 70s classic rock LPs that sounded slightly boring on my Rega and B&O has suddenly come to life. And it looks so nice in it's slim rosewood plinth! It is not going to replace my Rega, but it has earned it's place beside it in my livingroom. I use it a lot!

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