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Feiner schottischer Plattenspieler mit gutem Tonarm Systemdek Profile I, made by Jelco. Plattenteller aus Glas. Riemenantrieb, 33/45U/Min. Mit Haube. Neuer Riemen. Echtholzfurnier. Der Mitbewerber zu Rega's populärem Planar 2 & 3.

Maße: 460 x 360 x 110 mm

Technik Tonam Systemdek Profile I:

- 12 grams

- spindle to pivot of 229mm

- cartridge mount of 213mm

- 16mm overhang

User Reviews:

Brilliant! Very easy set up and the tonearm tracks like a dream. As the other reviewer says, it is bomb proof and an engaging listen. I very nearly didn't buy it, but I'm so glad I did. I'll never part with it. It's that good!

Bomb proof construction, great sounding deck, nextel finish needs careful care, but a top turntable, in the day a serious contender to much costlier makes.

Tonarm Systemdek Profile I :

This tonearm is pretty good, with all adjustments and for the price. The one problem has been the removeable headshell is very hard to find. But, if you google Jelco Itchikawa Jewel Co, they will send you the headshell fitted with the cartridge wires, for $50 shipped from Japan. This is for the Profile Tonearm with a 9.5mm diameter arm tube. They also send a drawing if you ask.

 This Systemdek branded tonearm: How does this tonearm perform? Quite good actually. I would suggest that this tonearm, in conjunction with the llX, sounds classically analogue in presentation. It is not the last word in detail and transparency, but has an immediate sound to it, a very focused center image with a good midrange presence. I have compared it to much more expensive tonearms (on the same table) such as the Jelco SA-750, and it falls short in terms of ultimate resolution and refinement, however something was also lost with the more expensive arm in place. A certain musicality and warmth was missing. Partnered with a mid level MM cartridge (such as a Denon DL-110, Shelter 201 or AT-440MLB), this tonearm is more than capable of providing for a musically satisfying, enjoyable presentation. Some feel that the first thing to do is to remove this tonearm and replace with another, usually a Rega RB series. But many have also removed the Rega and returned to the stock Systemdek mystery arm to recapture that lost musical essence ;-)

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