Straight Wire B-Flat 2x3m / Nakamichi Bananas


2x3m mit rundum neuen Nakamichi Bananas, top Zustand. Amerikanisches Flachkabel zum idealem Verlegen unter Teppich etc. Klarer, frischer und luftiger Klang.


B-Flat speaker cable is designed for maximum flexibility with a low  profile. B-Flat solves those problem wiring areas as the perfect cable to run across floors, under carpet, around doors and along baseboards and ceilings. With a durable jacket which is easy to paint or glue, B-Flat can become almost invisible in your installation. Twin 14 gauge OFC copper braided conductors provide great performance from this economical flat speaker cable. The off white jacket does not absorb dirt and stains like other competing flat cables.

Paintable White Matte Jacket
2.5mm x 20mm (.10" x .78")

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