Sony PS-X 555 ES / Biotracer / Tangential


Tangentialspieler der Spitzenklasse von Sony. Mit MM Tonabnehmer. Quartzgeregelt. 33/45U/Min. Vollautomat. Läßt sich auch bei geschlossener Haube bedienen. Guter Zustand. (Auch noch ein defektes Gerät da!)

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The Sony PS-X555ES is a 2-speed, direct-drive turntable with the following features:

Linear tracking tonearm
Biotracer electronic tonearm control
Front panel operation with the dust cover closed
Electronic stylus force adjustment
Automatic record size selection
Muting system
Quartz lock and magnedisc servo system
Linear torque BSL motor
Synchronised operation with Sony cassette decks


Platter: 32cm aluminium alloy die-cast

Motor: Linear torque BSL

Drive system: direct-drive

Control system: Quartz lock control, magnedisc servo control system

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.015% WRMS

Rumble: 78dB

Tonearm: Electronic linear tracking tonearm

Effective length: 130mm

Dimensions: 430 x 105 x 425mm

Weight: 7.4kg

Preis: 1498

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