Sommer Cable Elephant SPM 425

Sommer Cable Elephant SPM 425 --- 2x3,90m --- single-/bi-wiringLS-kabel (2x5mm² oder 4x2,5mm² für bi-wiring/-amping) --- OFC Kupfer--- Neuzustand.

Speaker Cable Elephant SPM425; 4 x 2,50 mm²; PVC Ø 10,20 mm; black


  • Loss-free transmission due to the special litz stranding technology
  • Highly flexible and stage-proof, easy to reel
  • Compatible with the common Neutrik Speakon connectors
  • Easy to use due to well-insulated, numbered wires


  • Professional PA systems
  • Surround and woofer systems
  • For permanent installation
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