SME 3009 S2 improved / Audio Technica AT-LT 13a

Klassiker! Mittelschwerer 9" Tonarm mit abnehmbarem Headshell von Audio-Technica AT-LT 13a. Guter Zustand. Neue Cinch Stecker.

SME Model 3009 Series II Improved
precision pick-up arms combine la
design features with the same high quality
engineering and finish that made their
predecessors famous for more than a
Each arm is meticulously built and
tested and will meet its specification
reliably through many years of service.
Skilful design and choice of materials
combine high mechanical strength with
low inertia and friction ensuring full
suitability for professional as well as
domestic application.
Technically correct and aesthetically
satisfying the SME has been called
“The best pick-up arm in the world”
and we believe you will find this to be true.



SME 3009 S2 Improved : wechselbares Headshell.
Aluminium Ton-Armrohr, effektive Masse  9,5g. Kunststoff(Nylon)-Lager. Einteiliges, per Gewinde verstellbares Gegengewicht. Ausleger (für Lateralbalance verstellbar) mit verschiebbarem, einteiligen Gewicht zur Einstellung der Auflagekraft (bis 1,5g). Antiskating-Einstellung per Gewicht und Faden.

Preis: 625

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