Sansui TU-777

Wunderschöner Analogtuner mit tollem Klang & Empfang: Sansui TU-777 aus den Ende-60er/Anfang-70er Jahren. Außergewöhnliche Optik. Guter Zustand.



FM/AM tuner
<FM tuner part>
Received frequency 76MHz - 90MHz
Sensitivity 20dB quieting: 1.4microvolt±3dB
IHF: 1.8microvolt±3dB
THD 0.8% or less (an input of 60dB, 100%mod)
SN ratio 65dB (an input of 60dB, 100%mod)
Selectivity 50dB or more
Image ratio 80dB or more
IF rejection 95dB or more
Capture ratio 2.5dB(IHF)
Spurious response 90dB or more
FM stereo separation 35dB or more
Unnecessary radiation 34dB or less
A local/distant Switchpoint Local 20dB down
Distant Direct
<AM tuner part>
Received frequency 535kHz - 1605kHz
Sensitivity 15microvolt±3dB (20dB, 1000kHz)
Image ratio 50dB(1000kHz)
IF rejection 100dB or more (1000kHz)
Selectivity 20dB (an input of 60dB, 1000kHz)
Output-power voltage 2V (0 - 2V variable)
Load impedance 100 or more kohms
The semiconductor used Transistor: 28
Diode: 24
Supply voltage 100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 10W
Dimensions Width 345x height 155x depth of 334mm
Weight 7.7kg
Preis: 475

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