Quad 66 Pre / remote / große Fernbedienung


Modern konzipierte und stylische Vorstufe aus England mit der wohl besten Fernbedienung überhaupt! Noch kein China Gerät sondern made in UK. 4xAux, 1x Phono MM, 2x Tape. Feinabgestufte Klangregler / Klangwaage in typischer Quad Manier. Fernbedienung fehlt der Batteriedeckel unten, kann mit Kabel vorne angeschlossen werden oder mit 9V Blckbatterie/Akku betrieben werden. Gebrauchsspuren.  (Auch noch Quad 909 und weitere da!)





The Quad 66 is a high quality preamplifier system with full remote control operation.

It comprises two units; a mains operated preamp to which the various sound sources are connected and a separate battery operated control panel incorporating all the main function controls for operating the preamp and Quad CD player, or any other remote control CD player using the same remote control language.

If the battery fails the control panel can be directly powered from the preamp. A display on the main unit shows all functions selected.

The unit will accept inputs from seven sources; Disc, CD Radio, AV, Aux 1, Aux 2 and Tape (with off tape monitoring).

A second tape recorder may be connected to the Aux 2 input and both the AV and Aux 1 inputs have anti hum-loop circuitry.

The control panel has rotary volume and balance adjustment plus press buttons for Disc, CD play, Radio, AV, Aux 1 and 2, Tape, Tilt (2), Bass Step (2), Filter (2), Cancel, Standby, Search (2), Track, Pause, Stop and Store.

The standby facility enables the 66, and any other equipment connected to the AC auxiliary outlet, to be switched on and off via the remote control panel.


Frequency response: 15Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%

Input sensitivity: 3mV (MM), 300mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 74dB (MM), 93dB (line)

Output: 300mV (line), 0.5V (Pre out)

Dimensions: 321 x 80 x 255mm

Weight: 3.3kg

Preis: 450

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