Nobsound NS-03 G Sub / Subwoofer Mono Amp / 100W / kompakt


Neuwertiger Nobsound NS-03 G Subwoofer Amp mit 100W, sehr kompakt. Eingang 3.5mm Miniklinke. Ohne Netzteil. Integrierte Weiche für 20-180Hz.


  • Chip: TPA3116D2

  • OP amp: NE5532

  • Max. output power: 100W

  • Frequenzbereich: 20Hz-180Hz

  • THD: ≤ 0.01%

  • SNR: ≥ 118dB

  • Eingangs empfindlichkeit: ≤ 280mV

  • Abgestimmt auf Lautsprecher Impedanz: 4-8Ω

  • NS-03G is a sub power amplifier for passive subwoofer.
  • It adopts TPA3116D2 chip and can offer 100W high power. With smooth volume control knob.
  • Super mini size and solid shell. It can be easily placed on your desktop or your subwoofer.
  • 3.5mm AUX input. You can connect various sound sources like phones, CD players, TV very easily.
  • This one doesn’t include a power supply. Please choose good quality power supply. We recommend 12~24V, at least 4A.


  • Audio input: 3.5mm
  • Audio output: Banana plug
  • Power supply: DC 8-25V; at least 3A
  • Maximum power: 100W
  • Chip: TPA3116D2 + NE5532
  • Weight: 0.35Kg; 0.2Kg (without package)
  • Dimensions: 68.5 * 33 *
Preis: 25

Nobsound NS-03 G Sub / Subwoofer Mono Amp / 100W / kompakt jetzt anfragen