Nelson Pass Return of Zen Poweramp / Single Ended ClassA

Die überarbeitete Variante des legendären ClassA Single Ended Poweramp's Pass (Aleph) Zen. Doppelmono. Neu aufgebaut, nur das Gehäuse und die Netztrafo's sind älteren Datums. Nicht hörbarer Lüfter. Minimum 2x10/30W/60Watt sinus/Impuls. Kaltgerätebuchse. 220/240Volt. Absolut rausch- & brummfrei. Gute Machart/DIY. (Passende Pass Vorstufe auch da)

User Bewertungen über den Vorgänger Pass Zen:

B.D. Audiophile *****


I suppose it is the best in all areas except power


You need excellent parts in all of your listening chain ;-)

"Air is the first thats comes in mind, when you listen to this amp. Feel the air dancing on  strings and hear all nuances in Barbara Bonney's wonderful voice. You want bass you will get it.
The rhythm rolls through all octaves from the bottom to the top. There is nothing hidden listening to the Zen."

B.L. Audiophile

"This Amp sounds really good!!! The hours and the hardwork put into it paid off. The High-midrange of this amp sound is unbelievable. The Bass is Sloppy, and I mean SLLOPPPY. If your a mosfet lover, you should really try this one. If your a Glasso-phile, well, just throw away those tubes for a week and try some mosfets!"

Zx Audio Enthusiast *****

"WANTED !!! I listen Pass ZEN. I really impressed with that sound."

Bill Audio Enthusiast *****

"... the sound! You will be rewarded for your hard work with unbelievable performance"





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