MM/MC Phonostufe mit großem Klang für kleines Geld....jüngere und verbesserte Version der PP 2 Variante... Aus Demo, OVP, 2 Jahre Garantie. Liste EUR 189.

Test Australian Hifi Magazine:

If you’re in the market for a budget phono
preamplifier, don’t bother looking any further.
The NAD PP 2i delivers truly high-end
performance at a mind-blowingly low price…
a price so low that you could not build one
yourself for less than NAD is asking
for it.... - Chris Croft -

NAD PP-2i Phono Preamplifier — Measured Test Results
Test Measured Result Units/Comment
Frequency Response See Graph
RIAA Response See Graph
Channel Separation (dB) 60dB @ 1kHz
Channel Balance 0.06dB @ 1kHz
Interchannel Phase 0.5 degrees @ 1kHz
THD+N 0.03% MM input
Signal-to-Noise (unwghted/wghted) 60dB / 79dB MM input
Signal-to-Noise (unwghted/wghted) 60dB / 73dB MC input
Input Sensitivity 0.24mV / 3.6mV for 200mV output
Overload Voltage @ 1kHz 7.5mV / 95mV MC/MM
Gain @ 1kHz 56dB / 34.9dB MC/MM
Power Consumption 1.27 watts

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