Monster Cable Interlink 850 / 2x 0,65m

Explizit etwas wärmer und voller klingendes amerikanisches Cinchkabel. Vergoldete Stecker. Guter Zustand. Länge: 2x 0,65m (Auch noch in 2x 50cm da!).

User Bewertungen:

Leon Audio Enthusiast *****


Good all around performance:

Excellent performance for its price range. Bigger sound stage, more bass, more treble and yet very clean on the top. Best thing about this is the mid. Voice and string intruments come alive. More precise imaging. The overall impression is the music become much more pleasing and musical, and it seems someone might have turned up the volume (this is the effect of stronger signal and less noise which consumes energy even though you may not consciously hear it).

Allan Audio Enthusiast ****


Tonal Balance, Sound Stage, Dynamics

Yes, there are better cables by other manufacturers but not at this price point.

Adrian Gomez Audio Enthusiast *****


This was a very strong high tech cable it was my favorite of all


Relly had No weaknesses

I really liked this i was really gratfuyll i spent this money on this cable it did me very good the quality on this cablewas great and worth it thanks to monster cables that my sound quality is great and worth listening to.

H.M. an Audiophile *****

rockman Audio Enthusiast *****


awesome! this interconect is worth every penny. sounds as if you have rear speakers on your system.sound stage and imaging is excellent. all sound bands are rock solid.

BC  Audio Enthusiast *****



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