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Original Monster Cable Digital Coaxial Interconnect Cable in 1m Länge aus USA.

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"I decided to use the digital coax input on my receiver for my HDTV cable box, as the optical inputs were already spoken for by 2 DVD players. As an upgrade from standard RCA jacks, there seems to be an improvement in sonic quality, as the sound appears to be cleaner, with a greater spatial effect.
There are, however, definite benefits to using any digital coax cable over standard RCA jacks. First off, the cable is much slimmer as it is only one versus two distinct wires. Much easier to route, and takes up less space behind the units, which in my case helps in cooling. Secondly, if you have a good A/V receiver that can auto-sense the type of input (dolby digital, DTS, PCM, etc.) you don't have to manually switch it. Just select the audio track you want on the source, and it is done. In my case, I'm using the cable box, so different channels broadcast in different formats, from mono to dolby digital.
Overall, the cable is of very good construction, with a very firm connection. I anticipate years of good service."


"Excellent cable that I purchased for a very good price. I am very happy with the quality and construction of this cable."


"Monster makes good stuff.

I was amazed at the difference a good quality coax cable can make. I'd been using an RCA audio in place of a coax. They look the same, but they most certainly are NOT! If you have digital audio, get the right cable, and get monster!"






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