Monster Cable 400 SW / 1x10m


10m langes Cinch/RCA Kabel aus USA. Ideal für Subwoofer, aktive Center etc., top Zustand.


Monster® Subwoofer 400sw High Performance Subwoofer Cable


High Performance Subwoofer Cable for Enhanced Bass Response 

Ordinary audio cables aren’t designed for the complex low frequencies a subwoofer delivers. Many feature inferior conductors with thin copper stranding that can degrade signal transfer for a muddy, unfocused bass response. Plus, poor construction prevents proper rejection of EM and RF interference, which can cause annoying buzzes and hums. Monster Cable® 400SW delivers deep, articulate bass that makes your favorite movies and music come alive.


Deep Realistic Home Theatre Bass

Get greater clarity in your home theatre experience with greater clarity, improved noise rejection and precision low-frequency signal transfer. High performance subwoofer cable for enhanced bass response movies, music and games.


Monster® Patented Technologies 

With its superior technology and construction, 400SW outperforms other so-called “high performance” cables. A 100% Mylar® foil shield and high-density copper braid reject noise and hum. Solid-core bass conductors wrapped in a second wire network help maximize low-frequency signal transfer and pitch definition, so music and movie sound is always clear and dramatic. Plus, 24k gold contacts maximize conductivity and resist corrosion for a lifetime of durability and performance.


Patented 24K Gold Contact 6-Cut Turbine Connectors

For enhanced signal transfer and corrosion resistance and a split-tip centre pin for maximum contact pressure and ultra-low signal distortion. Directional arrows indicate the direction of the signal flow. Cable shield is grounded at the source so induced noise doesn't travel forward. A high quality attractive satine silver finish for lasting style and durability. Colour-coded for easy, error free hookup.


Duraflex Protective Jacket

Dual layer shileding featuring a 100% foil shild plus copper braid for enhanced rejection of noise and hum. Dual layer shielding featuring 100% foil shiled plus copper braind for enhanced rejection of noise and hum.


Balanced Conductors

Balanced conductors provide enhanced internal noise rejection and clearer, deeper bas for your home theatre system. A solid-core bass conductor optimises low-frequency signal transfer for improved bass response.

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