Mayware Formula V

Einpunkt gelagerter Tonarm der Spitzenklasse mit der Möglichkeit einer Resonanzbedämpfung. Gegenüber dem Vorgänger Formula IV deutlich verbessert. Höhenversellbar. 5pol Tonarmanschluß. Inklusive Tonarmkabel.



Professional Laboratory Variable Mass Silicone-Damped Pick-up Arm

The Formula V was developed from our highly acclaimed mkIV model with the following important improvements: better engineering with much more rigid structure, damped arm pipe, optimised larger damping capacity, more viscous silicone fluid and a lockable cursor.

A damped unipivot arm such as the Formula V gives a much more natural open sound with no listening fatigue compared to a gimbal arm and also has the very important advantage of less record wear due to the suppression of instantaneous tracking force extremes caused by record warps.

A gimbal arm is only required for MC type cartridges having excessive vibrational energy eg Koetsu, Supex, Linn etc which give a personal romantic type sound beloved by the synthetic gurus of the press.


Effective length: 229mm

Offset angle: 23 degrees 31 minutes optimised for minimum distortion with 12" discs

Unipivot friction: less than 5mg

Effective mass: varies with VTF to suit high or low compliance cartridges

Overall height: adjustable

Mounting hole: 20mm

Mounting distance: 211.75mm

Preis: 579

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