Lexicon DC-1


Ehemals sehr teure High-End Surround/THX Vorstufe in sehr gutem Zustand. Heutzutage richtig interessant als hochwertige Vorstufe mit vielen Hochpegeleingängen, zudem auch noch mit einem gutem D/A Wandler integriert. Ohne Fernbedienung (gibt es günstig in ebay als Ersatzteil).

How's it sound - Music?

---> I listened to and concentrated on the Bypass, THX Cinema, Music Logic, Music Surround, and Panorama Effects. These are by far the best I've ever used in a product not designed exclusively for audio-only purposes. My preference? Bypass, when I didn't find a mode more enjoyable, and I normally did. Of course, this implies that you have to experiment with different kinds of music and find the Effect which involves you in the music. It may not be "accurate", but it is very, very enjoyable.

I found that on Bypass, the DC-1 presented a more laid-back perspective than my "regular" electronics. Well-recorded acoustic instruments were placed further behind my Mirages (which are polite) than I remember. Acoustic instruments were also more natural sounding and less fatiguing. Of particular note was the way the DC-1 presented (bass) drum strokes. I am not all that fluent in the language used to describe these (stroke, beat, thump!), but I did notice that on music where they feature (Doug McLeod's debut on Audioquest), I heard far more differentiation than I did with a different preamp.

On all the above mentioned Effects in general, because all channels (no rears; didn't need them) went into play, you feel you've been invited from way back in the auditorium to sit up close in a mid-sized and live room. More fun, more involving and ultimately enjoyable.

Conclusion: I loved it.


Technik & Ausstattung:

The Lexicon DC-1 Digital Control Center:

Inputs: Audio 8 stereo (RCA) pairs,

Video 5 composite (RCA),

3 S-Video NTSC M, PAL standards,

Digital 2 coaxial (RCA), 2 optical (TosLink) S/PDIF;

Outputs: Audio Left, Center, Right, L&R Sides, L&R Rears, Subwoofer (RCA),

Video 2 composite (RCA),

3 S-Video, NTSC M, PAL standards, all connectors gold plated;

D/A Conversion: 20-bit Delta Sigma;

THD+Noise: Less than 0.01%@1kHz, maximum output level;

Dynamic Range: 90dB minimum, 22kHz bandwidth,

Ref. 1kHz@-60dB below maximum output level;

Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB minimum, 22kHz bandwidth,

Ref. 1kHz at maximum output level;

Physical Specifications: Detachable IEC power cord, Size 17.3" W x 11.5" D x 3.6" H, Weight 10.5 lbs.

Preis: 199

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