Lead Audio LA-100 / DAC / Headamp / Garantie

Kompakter D/A Wandler mit integriertem Kopfhörerverstärker aus Dänemark. Sehr gute Verarbeitung. Ausgewogener Klang. Externes Netzteil. "Harter" Netzschalter. USB, TosLink optisch und koaxialer Cinch/RCA Digitaleingang. PreOut. Regelbarer Kopfhörerausgang. Sehr guter Zustand.


Test:   Hifi & Musik (The Best Product of the year - From Sweden 

"""...Lead Audio is a relatively new, Danish brand, with the roots in the more professional focused digital world. Which is particularly felt, because the electrical digital input handles all the way up to 24 bit /216kHz.

The LEAD-DAC shows its advantages immediately with a more driving and physical playing style, with more drive and weight in performing, which shows up as a tighter but more importantly deeper and more attack friendly bass, but also the other end of the frequency spectrum is given more place.More grown up than the Pro-Ject and really calm and engaging in its playing style, with good pressure, float and keeping control... """

Test: Fedelta Del Suono (The Magic Box - From Italy

"""...The sound of the Lead Audio is solid, clear and open as setting both-dynamics that timbre. The descent towards the lower end of the passband is not one to leave you speechless. The control of the low, although it is not of their very extensive, it is however always been very correct.Compared with the references we have a scene and a body less in size and depth, less wealth of detail, but especially of micro detail and micro-dynamics. Well not fared bad at all, has the capacity to focus and three-dimensional reconstruction more than satisfactory, and the musical instruments that rumors are always defined and articulated enough.

Anita Baker (Atlantic Records / Wea, flac): Outstanding Lead Audio with one of the most popular soul voices of the '80s and '90s, it makes very good singer changes in the fragrant, rich is the presence of grain and contrast. The accompaniment, typical of that historical period, evidently goes well with the peculiar characteristics of this dac. The electric bass is solid and the setting of the album, purely from studio recording, facilitates his work...."""

Manual: www.lead-audio.com/files/documents/LA100ManualENG.pdf


LA-100 is the first model of the audio product series of Lead Audio which is a top-of-the-line DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) plus Headphone Amp product in its class.

The rapidly expanding digital sound sources, when played through the existing PC sound cards and low quality CDP/DVDs, suffered a significant loss of sound quality due to noise and signal distortion and were unable to meet the needs of consumers who wanted high quality sounds. In order to satiate these needs, LA-100 boldly incorporated parts and techniques that are often only seen in high-priced Hi-Fis.

1. Utilization of audio parts that are used in expensive Hi-Fi products. (Burr Brown’s PCM 1796 DA Converter, German Wima Condenser for the power source area, etc.)

2. Circuits designed using Denmark’s high tech noise reduction know-how. (Collpitts oscillator , 2-step buffering clock)

3. In order to remove the terrible jitter noise that occurs when playing sound sources, the sample rate converting technique, which are found in high-end Hi-Fi products, was used.

4. Used DC coupled circuits for the output of high quality sound.

By using aforementioned parts and techniques, we were able to realize the best sound quality that cannot be compared with products in the same price range, and the product is designed from the customer’s perspective, allowing many different output method selections such as USB, CD, Optical and Coaxial in order for customers to enjoy high quality sounds.

 The front part was built on an aluminum base using sanding methods, black color anodizing, hairline production method to ensure a high-quality design and safety, and a user-friendly interface was realized through the use of micro-controllers  Furthermore, the external case was built using aluminum and SPC to ensure the durability against the product’s radiation of heat, vibration, shock and ESD (The KCC certification number on the back of the product guarantees this).

Preis: 199

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