Iwistao ClassA Preamp / Neugerät aus Demo / Typ: WHFTC-PA3008 / 2x LME49720

Noch neu aus unserer Demo, 1 Jahr Garantie. OVP.

Kompakte Class A Line Vorstufe mit Klangregler/Raumanpassungsmöglichkeiten für Höhen/Mitten/Bass. Diese können aber auch abgeschaltet werden um eine direkte Wiedergabe zu ermöglichen. 1 x Aux, 1x PreOut. Hochwertiges Gehäuse. Streuarmer R-core Trafo. Listenpreis ca. 120€ inkl. Porto zuzüglich MwSt./tax/custom. (Auch noch ein ähnlich aufgebauter Nobsound Preamp da!).

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Das sagt der Hersteller:

This preamplifier has tone control functions and adopts class A power, sound extremely delicate, slender high-frequency, low frequency plump and elastic, if use top op amp IC like as LME49720, it will achieve perfect sound. Specially, it used a R-type audio dedicated transformer. And it has direct access function; you can skip tone adjustment to achieve original sound completely.

When audio sourcing record, speaker unit, placing the device is not necessarily perfect, and if your preamplifier adopt pure straight, it may not be able to meet the demand. At this moment, add tone adjustment function is very important. If you no extra power supply equipment, passive preamp tone is preferred, which can enhance the effect of high and low frequency is obvious.

We had tried some solutions for this tone preamplifier. Ultimately, satisfied solution is both positive and negative voltage used the class A power supply with shunt regulator, and tone control section of high, middle, low frequency adopt negative feedback circuit, which has a natural tone and sound as delicate, pure and clear, rich layering; high frequency slim, sleek, sweet sounds and other characteristics; Also the unit has very quiet background sound.

Used with high-end components and parts, like as Phi lips’ capacitor, Class A Power adopt HIFI transistors for BC139, BD140 plus TL431, Germany WIMA ERO capacitors, Sie mens and other high capacitors, high speed rectifier, copper pins resistance…, to ensure high quality product.


1. Whole aluminum casing

2. LME49720NA x 2

3. With direct access functions and three band tone adjustment (Tremble, middle, bass adjustment)

4. Dimensions (W * H * D): 200mm * 45mm * 191mm

5. Weight: 2KG

Preis: 89

Iwistao ClassA Preamp / Neugerät aus Demo / Typ: WHFTC-PA3008 / 2x LME49720 jetzt anfragen