Isolation Transformer 15 A / Noise Suppressor / 200W / Cinch - RCA


Gegen Brumm- & Störgeräusche in Hifi- & Car Hifi Anwendungen. (Mantelstromfilter)

DESIGNED TO ELIMINATE NOISE: The Noise Suppressor eliminates unwanted noise and hum without altering car audio/hifi natural tone. Its the perfect pedal to quiet down any pedalboard or effects setup USED WITH AMPLIFIER, Tuner, TV or EQ: Eliminate ground loop humming and buzzing noise between an audio source and an amplifier. When used with car audio, this isolation circuit goes between the head unit and the amp or EQ UNIQUE NOISE DETECTION CIRCUIT: Power supply noise of igniter produces filtration effect, make the sound effect is better This NS20 Unique noise detection circuit preserves the natural attack and envelope of an instruments sound RCA PLUGS: When connecting it to your amplifier just plug in the RCA Jacks that fit your amplifier and plug the other end into your Stereo. Tried plugging the RCA cables that were connecting to the amp into it, as well as the radio.

HIGH QUALITY: Keep Safe! The body item is covered by copper material, having high temperature and melting resistant function. Prevent the item from short circuits. Keep safe in your car or hifi system.

Specification: 200W 15A RCA Noise Suppressor - Designed for Audio Signals & to Eliminate Noise, Isolation Transformer, Used with Amplifier, Tuner, TV or EQ. Install with RCA Jacks & Unique Noise Detection Circuit

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