Goldring Electro II / High Output MC

High Output MC für MM-Eingänge aus UK. Mit neuer elliptischer Nadel. Vorläufer der Eroica Serie, Innenleben wohl identisch? Konkurrent zum Denon DL-160. Insgesamt eher etwas wärmer abgestimmt und mit schöner Mittenwiedergabe. 1 Jahr Garantie. Ausgangsspannung: 2.5 millivolt bei 5-cm/s. Ideal für mittelschwere Tonarme.

""" Hifi Classic: The Electro II is undoubtedly a very fine cartridge, with a clarity and an effortless and uncolored sound that place it well up in our personal ranking. """

Channel separation of 25 dB at 1,000 Hz and channel levels balanced within 1 dB.

Since it is a high-output cartridge, the Electro II should be terminated in the standard 47,000 ohms, with a load capacitance between 100 and 500 picofarads. The d.c. coil resistance is 77 ohms, and the inductance is 0.2 millihenry (both much lower than are typical of moving-magnet cartridges). The coils are wound with wire having a diameter of only 15 micrometers, making possible the combination of high output voltage with low moving mass.

The Goldring Electro II has a die-cast aluminum structure, and the fit of the mechanical components is so close that no adhesives are used. According to the manufacturer, this very rigid construction results in exceptionally stable stereo imaging.



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