Denon DA-401

Original Denon DA-401 Bastlergerät / Ersatzteil, siehe Bilder.


Specifications DA-401

Type: Static balance type, integrated tonearm

Overall length: 322mm

Effective length: 244mm

Overhang: 14mm

Tracking error: Less than 2.5 degrees

Hight adjustment range: 41-70mm (from arm board surface to arm pipe center)

Stylus force adjustment system: Dial scale system, 2g per rotation (0.lg subdivision)

Acceptable weight of cartridge: 4-6g (small weight), 6-10 g (large weight)

Head shell: Specially rigitized resin, weighing approx. 4g (excluding screws and nuts)

Output cord: Low capacitance cord, with 5P connector

Anti-skating system: Magnetically controlled (disengagement possible)

Arm lifter: Oil damped

Bearings: High precision pivot bearings and miniature bearings

Head connector: Plug-in type with fixing screw, 4P connector (all contact portion gold plated)

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