Bowers&Wilkins B&W Solid Bass Station / 500W / Subwoofer


B&W Subwoofer. Bassreflex. Passiv. 92db/1W/1m.

B&W Bass station Technik:

To take solid performance beyond the merely superlative, a dedicated Bass Station has been
developed to match the remarkable efficiency of the Solid loudspeakers. Utilising eight 4in
drive units to achieve almost 92dB sensitivity, the bass reflex port is positioned centrally on
the front of the cabinet. This provides for easy positioning against a wall or in the corner if
maximum bass output is required.
 Frequency response has been shaped to deliver high output performance in 50-100Hz range
with commanding dynamic clarity – or a punch to the stomach.
 The bass station has a designated 2nd order high pass filter crossover developed by some of
the best acoustic engineers in the world.

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