AudioQuest YIQ-G Component Video Kabel / 1m / versilberte, massive Kupferleiter


AudioQuest YIQ-G Component Video Kabel, Länge 1m. Versilberte, massive Kupferleiter...und das sieht und hört man im Vergleich zu Standard Strippen. Top Zustand. Liste: 40€


Component video connections can deliver gorgeous high-definition pictures, and are definitely the way to go if HDMI isn't an option for your setup. Component video provides a significantly better picture than other analog connections, like composite or S-video. Its greater color bandwidth results in clearer color reproduction with less bleeding. You can rely on AudioQuest's YIQ-G to deliver sharp detail and accurate, lifelike colors from your video source.

The solid copper conductors are plated with silver for improved signal transfer. Hard cell foam insulation surrounds the conductors to minimize distortion. Foil wrap around the insulation and an additional layer of braiding shield the cable from external electronic interference that can degrade the signal. High-quality gold-plated connectors "grip" your video source's component jacks for a more secure connection.

Each component video connection kit consists of three separate video cables wrapped in a flexible textile braid jacket.

Product highlights:

  • 26-gauge silver-plated solid copper conductor (silver layer is 1.25% of total conductor)
  • nitrogen-injected hard cell foam insulation
  • high-quality gold-plated RCA connectors grip component jacks for a more secure connection
  • textile braid jacket



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