AudioQuest VSD-2 Cinchkabel / 2x3m / versilbertes Solidcore Kabel aus USA / Silberstecker #300

Genial als Cinchkabel mit top Klang! Amerikanisches AudioQuest VSD-2 Cinchkabel in 2x3m Länge. Versilbertes Solidcore Kabel, geschirmt, 75 Ohm. Audioquest 300 Silberstecker. Natürlich auch als Digital-, Surround-, Antennen-, Satelliten- oder TV Kabel etc. zu nutzen.

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silver-plated conductor & shield at a relatively affordable price; solid construction with nice RCA connectors


Perhaps a little expensive when compared with Audioquest's own VSD-1, but it does sound a little better.

A very nice digital coax (and/or stereo or composite video) cable, listing at under $100 (my price was for a demo). Sounds a little better than Audioquest's already good VSD-1. Both sound better than Monster's rugged looking but disappointing digital coax.

Similar Products Used:

Audioquest VSD-1, Kimber DV-75, Monster digital coax.


  • 2.5% Solid Silver
  • 18 Gauge
  • Thicker version of the VSD-1 Great for long runs of cable
  • Hard Cell Foam Dielectric
  • 75 ohm impedance

Audioquest VSD cables use superior materials and designs in order to transfer the highest definition digital audio or video. All these applications are sensitive to cable quality. Top performance is only possible when using low distortion cables which also have an extremely rigid 75 ohm impedance. There are great advantages in building a cable which is optimized for very long runs to satellite dishes, for low jitter SP-DIF (digital audio), and for digital projection systems. The winner of this triathlon also wins the highest in all the other "sports".
Comes with the high quality Audioquest #300 RCA plugs.


Preis: 99

AudioQuest VSD-2 Cinchkabel / 2x3m / versilbertes Solidcore Kabel aus USA / Silberstecker #300 jetzt anfragen