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Günstiges & gutes Verbindungskabel aus den USA. Aus unserer Demo. Aufbau siehe Bilder. 2 Jahre Garantie, in OVP. Leicht gedeckter Klang, sehr angenehm.

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"Instant Improvement" *****

I have what most folks would call a 'vintage' audio set-up. Adcom amp and pre-amp, Kef Reference 105 speakers (circa 1980) and a well reviewed but otherwise run of the mill Sony multi-disc SACD player. I have always been pleased with the sound, but even after upgrading to the Adcom devices I felt that something was missing. Of course I blamed it on the CD player, but just couldn't justify spending the money for one of the more esoteric units that are available. My friend (thank you Mr. Tyler) suggested that I upgrade the interconnects. Based on Gil's recommendation, I put these on my Amazon Wish List. Santa was nice and they were under my tree at Christmas time. I popped these bad boys between and amp/pre-amp as well as between the pre-amp and CD, relegating the existing Monster cables to a stand-by position on the floor. Like the title says, instant improvement. Now, I'm not talking about a jaw dropping, OMG audio revelation. What I heard was a cleaner sound with more defined detail in the presentation. On all types of music. Music with which I am extremely familiar. The bass response (for which Momster is reknowned) was still there, thankfully, but the mid-range and highs were more apparent. Not pronounced and unrealistic, just more 'there'. Music that always brought a smile to my face now made that smile even broader. "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" (Paul Simon), "Flight Over Rio" (Al Di Meola), "Trouble, You Can't Fool Me" (Ry Cooder), all of them took on a new life that I didn't know existed.I'm usually cautious in giving products 5 stars. That rating is for the products that just hit it out of the park, but I just couldn't come up with a valid reason to not rate it that high. Build quality is excellent and they do exactly what they are designed to do. And they do it extremely well without breaking the bank. I have a pretty discerning ear, so I noticed the difference immediately. So, if you think that the system you have should sound 'better' and you haven't upgraded the interconnects, give these a try. Maybe they'll help. One thing is for sure, it certainly won't hurt. (Note: if you're going to upgrade the interconnects, do all of them, not just one or two.)

"G-Snake versus Monster" *****

Have been using Monster cables and speaker wire for at least a year now. That was a huge improvement over cheap gold cables I was using. Even so I was't getting a clean pure sound from my Denon CD player. The analog turntable sounded excellent with the Monster cables.
I recently saw an article in Stereophile that reviewed the G-Snake cables and recommended them as low noise and clean sound. As I was having trouble with background sound especially with violins and tubas, as on Natalie Merchants Wonderful "Leave You Sleep CD's, I ordered the G-Snake to see if that would help. Wonderful, now the violins sound like they are supposed to sound, and the tuba is so beautiful you can feel the breathing and the reed vibrating when the notes are blown. For the first time ever I getting true Hi-Fi sound from a CD player.
Don't get me wrong, I still won't trade my Monster speaker cable for anything. It isn't limiting the sound quality any, and was biggest improvement I ever made in the whole system. They came with banana plugs and weren't the cheapest speaker cables they sell.
If I had to do it over, I would have gotten G-Snake for all the interconnect cables, but there are so many cables it would cost 3 or 4 hundred dollars to replace them all. And I'm not sure the sound could be improved over what I get now. It might not make any difference.
Make sure you have a upgrade power cord for your CD player or these changes may not have any effect. I recommend Pangea Audio AC-14SE , that was a perfect match for my CD player.

"Affordable and Excellent Audiophile Grade Interconnect. Go for it!" *****

I am a Audiophile and Part Time Musician:
G-Snake is an excellent and affordable interconnect.
I use it as the primary interconnect in my 2 channel (stereo) audiophile system costing over 15,000 USD. I replaced all my Monster MC 400I's, with this cable. This cable is cheaper than Monster MC 400i.
The cable sounds must more cleaner, warm and musical than the expensive Monster MC 400i.
I would recommend for anyone running a regular or an audiophile category home audio system.

"Better than expected" *****

"Great Quality and Sound Improvement" *****




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