Ariston Pro / Jelco Tonarm / Shure Tonabnehmer / Neue Nadel / OVP

Aus der schottischen Plattenspielerschmiede Ariston. Der Riementriebler überzeugt mit quirligem Klang und einem guten Tonarm = einem Derivat aus der Jelco ST-250 Familie. Inclusive Shure M 75 MB Type 2 Tonabnehmer mit neuer Nadel. 33&45U/Min. per Schalter umstellbar. Gute Haube. Der Ariston Pro scheint mir die manuelle Variante des Q-Deck zu sein, ohne Endabschaltung. Feine Alternative zu Rega, Project, Thorens etc. Neuer Riemen. Top Zustand, aus erster Hand, OVP und Manual. Ohne teilweise abgebildetes Zubehör. 6 Monate Garantie.

User Meinungen:


Bought mine in the 80's...


Just picked one of these turntables up after always being on my radar since I was a kid in the late 80's. I fitted a new belt, a new Acutex 412 Cartridge, gave it a good clean and it's rock solid, amazing quality neutral sound. If you see one of these now and you're looking for a turntable, GRAB IT!!!!


Have owned my Ariston-Deck since the early 90s. It's been bomb proof, never missing a beat. No major issues with reliability. Sounds fantastic for the money.
Have now noticed that the cost of these is now going up....


Good quality deck. The Jelco ST 250 arm is a treat. Mine is fitted with an Audioquest AQ MC3 cartridge and produces a clear well balanced sound with excellent articulation and detail.


I had a lot of turntables but this one , the following solid modernizing, replacing wires, cartridge is Ortofon MC, arm height, etc., does not equal shares each in an average price range of new

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