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Ein DVD Player dessen Audio Abteilung - mit HDCD! - das eigentlich überzeugende ist: Warmer, voller Arcam Klang mit guter Auflösung dank aufwändiger Ausgangsstufe und sehr gutem D/A Wandler. Hierin auch einigen teuren hauseigenen und anderen sehr guten CD Playern klar überlegen. Ein echter Bonuspunkt: Als CD Laufwerk hervorragende Eigenschaften! Dafür mit koaxialem Cinch/RCA 75 Ohm & TosLink Lichtleiterausgang ausgestattet. Liest auch CD-R, CD-RW und MP3. Und natürlich DVD's...

---> Bastlergerät: Spielt normale CD's meistens ohne Probleme, ab. Sampler mit 30 Stücken und CD-R's mag er nicht einlesen. Wohl neuer Laser fallig


Power Requirements
115V or 230V AC, set by voltage selector switch on rear panel
Power consumption
430mm x 90mm x 280mm
net: 4.9kg
packed: 6.5kg

Video outputs

Composite video
1 x gold plated phono. 1V pk-pk in 75Ω
1 x 4-pin mini-DIN. Y 1V pk-pk in 75Ω, C 0.3V pk-pk in 75Ω
Component video
Interlaced or Progressive (525P)
3 gold plated phono sockets. Y 1V pk-pk in 75
Ω, Pb 0.7V pk-pk in 75Ω,
Pr 0.7V pk-pk in 75
SCART socket with RGB video
All 0.7V in 75Ω, composite video 1V in 75Ω, and stereo audio.
Auto switching of TV with aspect ratio control

Audio outputs

Analogue audio outputs
Two pairs of stereo outputs on gold plated phono sockets
Output level
2.2V rms at 0dB signal
Frequency response
20Hz to 20kHz (+0.1db, –0.5dB)
<0.005% for 1kHz 0dB signal, measured 22Hz–22kHz, unweighted
105dB, measured 20Hz–20kHz, unweighted
Digital audio output (IEC958)
PCM/Dolby digital/MPEG/DTS on gold plated phono (coax) and TOSLINK (optical)
Accessories supplied

CR-314 remote control

2 x AAA batteries

Inklusive original Manual & Fernbedienung.

Service Manual: file:///C:/Users/onoff/Downloads/Arcam-DV-88-Service-Manual.pdf

Alles über den Player:,diva-dv88-plus-dvd-player.htm

User Bewertungen: *****

"Brilliant sound quality, traditional Arcam "warm" sounding"


Airy, Detailed, good Paced CD Player (I am reviewing the player with regards to its CD playback merits). You get a good CD player and a very good DVD player in one!


none for its price range

I'm writing a review about the CD player capabilities of this DVD-CD player offering from Arcam. I have an Arcam DV88 which i bought over at Audiogon for $700. Reading through the reviews of the DV88, most have claimed that the CD72/CD72T sounds a tad better than the DV88. I think this claim might have been clouded by bias that stand-alone CD players is better than DVD players. I happen to have an Arcam CD72 in my rack so one day i tried comparing the quality of the sound of the DV88 and the CD72 without bias. I used several CDs from different musical genres for my test (name it: jazz, classical, pop, rock, downtempo, electronica) and I was surprised to discover that the DV88 beat the CD72 hands down! The DV88 produced better air, detail, and pace compared to my CD72. Listening to Cds using my DV88 was more enjoyable than listening to my CD72. Reading more about the DV88, I discovered that this player had Wolfson DACs compared to the CD72 Burr-Browns. If you have been following the development of Arcam's products, Arcam now claims that the Wolfson DACs are one of the best in the world today. Moreover, they have have started equipping their new models (CD73, CD93, and CD33) with Wolfsons! As a footnote, the highly acclaimed CD82T happens to be equipped with Wolfson DACs as well. So if you are on a budget and in the hunt for a DVD player that produces high quality CD playback, the Arcam DV88 delivers. And mind you, there is no need for a CD72 or CD 73 whatsoever. I consider the Arcam CD72 as a good CD player but my listening experience tells me that the DV88 is better than it.


Surround Sound - Real not separated Analog Audio - Honest and bright Picture - Crystal


When my Micromega died I was faced with having to buy another combi DVD CD player. Arcam FMJ or DV88+ where the choices. I plumbed for the DV88+ so that I can buy a separate CD player later. Was i disapointed - NO. In fact very surprised. I can say that when connected to the Yamaha AX1 and Ruark surround sound system. I have a sound that makes me feel young again. It is bright and honest, positively alive and fab really. Well worth the wait - well done Arcam.

In DVD mode, this player gives a flawless picture. I have a Loewre Aconda TV hooked up through RGB Scart, and the picture quality is fantastic. The colour saturation is great, even with "difficult" films like Se7en, filmed in very dark conditions. The same is true with films which are deliberately "hued" like "Traffic", it handles reds, burnt out deserts or whatever in a truly lifelike manner. No hint of picture crawl or pixelation, and digital films like "Monsters Inc" are staggeringly good. Plays just about anything, I've had no trouble with DVD copies, CDRs, CDWs and VCDs. For music, this is a great sounding player, much like the Arcam CD players, perhaps on a par with the CD72. Not over exciting, not brash or too dynamic, but very musical, might be a bit too mellow for some. It copes well with all types of music, I prefer acoustic, detailed music, and this is handled with good clarity and clear resolution. With rock and metal it might sound a bit too laid-back for some, and although capable of quite good attack, perhaps a bit too refined for lovers of this genre. I have it paired with an Arcam AVR-100, it would probably sound even better with a hi-fi amp...A fantastic DVD player, extremely capable in audio as well. Well worth auditioning if you have the money, a massive step up from cheaper players. This player will amaze you with the quality of its pictures, and delight you with the quality of its sound when paired with the right kit. It plays almost everything you can put in it, is multi-region, and looks stunning too, especially when alongside other units from Arcam.

"Very good quality sound and image, it was initially like I replaced my speakers and brought better ones! Very clear sound and the image was very crisp!"


Sound, contrast, colors, looks and, what really sets this player apart for me: Arcam's drive to improve their existing products and the service they offer as a result of that!


After my last upgrade: none whatsover!


"sound out quite good, video color saturation v.good, great support from US distributor. Great support from local dealer"


the basis elements are the best, ie sound and picture, upgradabilty is also a plus point



The picture quality is superb, there is an extra depth to colour, basically the picture looks real rather than a TV picture.when a dvd player can play CDs better than most if not all sub £500 cd player, then the price of £900 seem more than reasonable



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