Arcam DiVA T 61 / RDS


Moderner, richtig guter englischer Tuner in grau, passend zur DiVA Serie. RDS. 30 Stationstasten. Fernbedienbar, aber FB nicht dabei (Philips RC-5 code). Inkl. original Manual.



SectionTuning range 87.5 to 108.0MHz Frequency steps 50kHz Presets: total/direct access 30/16Sensitivity (IHF)  for 50dB S/N ratio typically 3μV Alternate channel selectivity better than 60dB Capture ratio 1.5dBFrequency response 20Hz15kHz ±1dBUltimate S/N ratio (CCIR)  Mono better than 75dB Stereo better than 70dB Total harmonic distortion (96MHz reference, 22.5kHz deviation at 1kHz)Mono better than 0.1%Stereo better than 0.2% Channel separation (1kHz) better than 40dB Pilot tone suppression better than 60dB Output level 700mV at 75kHz deviation AM SectionTuning range: 10kHz step 530 to 1710 kHz9kHz step 531 to 1602 kHz Presets 16Usable sensitivity typically 30μVIF rejection > 36dB S/N ratio (30% mod., 50mV I/P) > 38dB Total harmonic distortion (30% mod., 50mV I/P) < 3% Output level 300mV at 70% modulation Control inputs IR remote standard Philips RC-5, 36kHz carrier IR in signal level 415V pk-pk Trigger operating voltage 915V DC Trigger in polarity tip positive GeneralOutput impedance 220 Minimum recommended load 5k Power consumption 10VA Size W x D x H 430 x 290 x 85mm Weight net 3.8kg Weight packed 6.0kg

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