Arcam Alpha One CD Player

Bewährter & gut klingender CD Player von Arcam auch England. CD Laufwerk/Laser von Sony. Die Elektronik/Wandlerausgangsstufe ist eine Arcam hauseigene Entwicklung mit eher unagressivem, warm abgestimmten Klang. Die Verarbeitung könnte etwas wertiger sein, eine typische Schwäche englischer CD Player dieser Zeit. Fernbedienbar, leider ohne FB. Liest auch CD-R's. Digitalausgang Cinch/RCA 75 Ohm. Kaltgerätebuchse für Netzkabel. (Weitere Arcam Geräte da!)

User Bewertungen:

Audio Enthusiast MN *****

"I have owned this player for almost 3 years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a great detailed sound that is not harsh like some cd players I have listened to. For the money the Alpha One CD with some good interconnects can't be beat"

Audio Enthusiast MR ****

"Decent focus, good overall transparency"

Music Listener JVM *****

Very good sound, cheap and very reliable

"I ve bought this cd player, coz a friend of mine told me it was great. Now after several months I am totally convinced of it. I would recommend this player to anyone who seriously loves music and don t wanna spend too much. For me is a best buy!!!"

Audio Enthusiast Jeff ****

"Good precision. Nice rending of the tonal colors of the sounds."


Disc format: CD

Digital converter: PCM1710U, Delta Sigma

CD Mechanism: Sony KSS-1220A

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic range: 96dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 105dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Line output: 2.4V

Dimensions: 430 x 254 x 76mm

Weight: 3.6kg



Preis: 122

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