Acoustic Research EB-101 / Jelco Tonarm / Pickering XV-15


Klassischer Riementriebler mit Subchassis made in England. Sehr guter Tonarm von Jelco, höhenverstellbar. Auch das Headshell ist justierbar. Guter Zustand inklusive Haube & Scharnieren. 33/45U/Min., inklusive MM-Tonabnehmer Pickering VX-15 mit neuwertiger Nadel. Ein besseres Kabel wurde anstelle des Standard Kabels montiert. Neue Phonobar Filzmatte dabei (19€). Mit besseren Tonabnehmern kann man durchaus in audiophile Sphären gelangen...der Jelco Tonarm gibt das definitiv her...

Test Hifi Coice:

"The Acoustic Research EB101 is a genuine high fidelity product offering an impressive package at a competitive price"

User Bewertungen: ****/*****

"Surprisingly capable deck. The suspension does the job, the arm doesn't look much, but works well. Overall, it's capable of a decent soundstage, good clarity and definition. A decent secondhand bargain!"

"I have had many a turntable from the time I first started destroying my fathers Rolling Stones albums in 1970. I bought my first turntable in 1976 and around 1987 I bought my last: AR EB-101. Put a stanton epoch II on it and loved it. Recently I picked up a couple other turntables and truthfully the AR is still the best I have ever owned. Still on the original belt, changed last month to an ortofon blue and never a problem, and I look to find another EB 101 in the future..."




The arm and platter are on a fully isolated sub-chassis formed by a pressed steel T-bar, spring suspended and damped at three points. The suspended T-bar sub-chassis makes the EB101 inherently immune to external vibration and so it will sound better than other decks in its price class, regardless of where you place it. However, in analytical audio systems the sound can be further enhanced by placing your turntable with care. You will find that the music will be easier to follow and more cleanly defined if you avoid placing the turntable on hollow cupboards (which can resonate). Best results will be obtained on a small, suitably light yet rigid and non-resonant table. There are some purpose built tables on the market, but you can experiment with different turntable positions to suit your own domestic environment.

Drive system: belt drive

Motor: 12-pole synchronous motor

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Platter: 1.8kg

Suspension: 3-point sprung

Wow and flutter: 0.05%

Rumble: -72dB



Preis: 389

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