Acos / Koshin Lustre GST-1

Japanischer Spitzentonarm. Top Zustand, mit Base und original 5pol---> Cinch Phono Kabel. Höhen- und längsverstellbar. Mit silbernem Headshell/SME Anschluß.


To make reliable tracing possible at a low stylus pressure under 1g the inside force cancel is needed.

This new system used in the GST-1 stabilised the cancel by making use of the magnetic repulsion skilfully without giving any mechanic friction resistance over all and also without injuring the rotating function of the tonearm, having relation either with the temperature change nor the alternation by years.

To make an accurate tracing whenever you change the cartridge, you have to change the arm height.

Our GST-1 is equipped, with the height adjustment lever of the arm base, which can easily adjust accurately within 10mm height (1mm step measure).


Effective length: 237mm

Overhang: 15mm

Height adjustment: 10mm




Preis: 475

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